The Big Bud 747 is the
World's Largest Farm Tractor!

With 1100 Horsepower!

Built in 1977 in Havre, Montana

The tractor can work more than one acre per minute, at speeds up to 8 MPH

Big Bud 16V 747
The World's Largest Farm Tractor!

16V 747 Big Bud has 1100 Horsepower!

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Here you can find information about us, our farm, the Big Bud 16V 747 toys and collectibles, and of course the one and only Big Bud 16V-747. Make sure you check out our Big Bud Videos page and don't forget to watch the Big Bud 747 Book video below. Thanks for visiting.

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The Big Bud 16V 747 Tractor is parked for the winter!

The world’s largest tractor is parked at Big Equipment Company in Havre, Montana for the 2021 – 2022 winter. It is parked outside the office building – you can’t miss it!

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news to share:

The Big Bud 16V 747 got new shoes! Check out the video below on the tire conversion. Thanks to our friends at Welker Farms for spending the day with us and sharing this video:

1/64 Big Bud 747 1100HP LSW Wheels

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What an awesome adventure the Big Bud 16V 747 has been on!

When we “retired” the tractor from farm work in 2009 and took it to the Midwest to be on display, we knew the original tires were worn out but had not found any to replace them. In the spring of 2019 Paul Beckstrand, who happens to work at Janesville Tire Service in Minnesota, was looking at the Big Bud 16V 747 on a visit to Heartland Museum in Clarion, IA. He mentioned to Larry Maasdam, who watches over our Big Bud at his museum, that there was a split tire that he thought he could repair. Larry contacted us to see if we wanted Paul to work on the tire. Yes was the answer. So Paul removed the tire from the tractor to look at it. Although he is a master at repairing tires, the 40+ year old tire remained “unfixable.” After that, Paul contacted us to say that he thought maybe Titan Int’l in Des Moines might be interested in providing tires.

And the project began!

Titan Int’l produces the largest ag tire in the world and we own the largest farm tractor in the world. How much better could it be? We met with Scott Sloan at Titan Tire and worked out a plan. Titan would provide the tires, Williams Brothers would pay for the rims, inserts, & spacers, Wold Rim & Wheel would build the inserts and spacers, and the Janesville Tire team would put on the tires.

What a relief it was to Paul, Scott, Robert, and Randy when everything went so smoothly. It was awesome to see them take the World’s Largest Farm Tractor for a drive down the street in Clarion with the World’s Largest Ag Tires. It took a lot of coordination and we appreciate everyone involved in making this happen.

Maybe we’ll have to bring it out of retirement!

1/64 Big Bud 747 1100HP LSW Wheels

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