Big Bud Tractor

Big Bud Tractor

16-V 747 Big Bud "The World's Largest Farm Tractor"

In 1977 the Big Bud 747 tractor was built in Havre, Montana. The tractor was built by Ron Harmon and the crew of the Northern Manufacturing Company. The tractor was built to produce 760 horsepower using a 16-cylinder Detroit Diesel engine. The tractor measures 27 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 14 feet tall. The tires were specially made by United Tire Company of Canada and are 8 feet in diameter. When the 1,000 gallon fuel tank is full the tractor tips the scales at over 100,000 pounds.

big bud photos01It was originally designed for the Rossi Brothers, cotton farmers in Bakersfield, California. The Rossi Brothers used the tractor for deep ripping. They owned and operated the 16-V747 for 11 years.

After leaving the cotton farm of the Rossi Brothers the Big Bud found its way to Indlantic, Florida. The second owners, Willowbrook Farms, also used the tractor for deep ripping purposes. Willowbrook Farms retired the Big Bud and left it to rest.

In 1997 the Big Bud found its way back home to Montana, only 60 miles from where it was built. The Williams Brothers of Big Sandy, Montana purchased the tractor and brought it to their farm in Chouteau County. The Williams Brothers use the tractor for cultivation purposes, pulling an 80 foot cultivator. The tractor can work more than one acre per minute, at speeds up to 8 mph. Except its new paint job, chrome stacks, and a whopping 900 plus horsepower - the Big Bud looks like it did when it rolled out of the Northern Manufacturing Company building back in 1977.

Banner4Big Bud Specs

Torque Converter


Type: 18in. (45.72 cm) circuit with lock-up clutch

Blading: MS-380


Forward speeds: 6

Reverse speeds: 1


CLARK D-85840

Type: Limited-slip differantial with planetary wheel ends


26 in x 8in (66.04 cm x 20.32 cm) airbrakes, all wheels


System type: Load-sensing system allowing maximum pump flow to steering and implement valve.

Maximum flow: 65 gal/min (245.96 liters/min)

Tank Capacity: 150 Gallons (567.64 liters)

Relief pressure: 2000 psi

Implement valve: 4-spool open center, 60 gal/min (227.05 liters/min)

Banner5 Steering

Orbital motor with 100 cubic inch (1.64 liters) displacement per steering wheel revolution

Steering cylinders: Double action dual cylinders, 4.5 inch (11.43 cm) bore


Starter system: 24 volt

All other electrical: 12 volt

Alternator: 75 amp


95,000 lb (38,636 jg) estimated shipping weight

130,000 lb (49,895 kg) ballasted weight


Wheelbase: 16 feet, 3 inches (4.95 meters)

Height (top of cab): 14 feet (4.27 meters)

Length (frame): 27 feet (8.23 meters)

Length (end of drawbar): 28 feet, 6 inches (8.69 meters)

Width (over fenders): 13 feet, 4 inches (4.06 meters)

Width (over duals): 20 feet, 10 inches (6.35 meters)